10 Types Of People You Need To Completely Avoid!

We are surrounded by all types of people. While no two individuals are the same, sadly, there are way too many people that can be classified as toxic.
Even minimal interaction with toxic people can have a huge impact on performance and happiness. So, what can you do about it? Just try to stay away from these types of negative people, as much as you can!

Number 1 – Judgmental

Everyone has flaws, and when someone points them out, it can help you improve yourself. However, you should be able to recognize the difference between a person who expresses their concerns honestly and in a constructive manner, and those who use your weaknesses as an opportunity to attack you. If you know someone who is quick to point out and criticize your mistakes, but never seems to recognize your accomplishments, they’re the type of toxic person who is likely to eventually wear you down.

Number 2 – Envious

To envious people, the grass is always greener somewhere else. Even when something great happens to them, they don’t derive any satisfaction from it. This is because they measure their fortune against other people’s. And let’s face it, there’s always someone out there who’s doing better. Spending too much time around envious people is dangerous, because they teach you to trivialize your own accomplishments.

Number 3 – Needy

These are the people who just want to sit around all day and be served by others, so they don’t have to lift a finger. They want you to be there for them nonstop… and if you dare try to point out their wrong doings, they know how to make you feel guilty and ashamed. So if there’s someone in your life with similar traits, you should try to avoid them.

Number 4 – Pessimists

These kinds of people tend to see only the negative side of everything. They always ignore the bright side of things and deliberately try to bring others down. It’s like they’ve decided for themselves that everything in life is bad, and by blocking out any positive emotions, they will avoid getting hurt. But, they just end up hurting others instead! It’s best to stay away from pessimists. They will only fill you with negativity and despair.

Number 5 – Liars

Little white lies usually aren’t harmful, and most people do it every now and then. For example, when you throw a surprise party for someone, you have to lie a little, in order to keep it a surprise, right? But there are many habitual liars who will lie to make themselves feel better, or to look better in others’ eyes.
Toxic people who lie frequently can destroy you. They leave you no room for trust in a relationship. In order to grow, you have to surround yourself with trustworthy people who will support you and offer candid and honest opinions.

Number 6 – Complainers

We all have shitty days. Life doesn’t always go as we want it to, and sometimes we just need to vent. But then, there are those who complain all the time!
Nothing is ever good enough. Nothing is ever right. Nothing is ever going their way. And they feel the need to share it with you! They keep repeating the same mistakes over and over, and they refuse to take responsibility for their choices. For all that’s going wrong in their lives, they blame everyone but themselves.

Number 7 – Drama Queens

These people need to be the center of attention. They create a crisis everywhere they go. They’ll often pit one person against the other and then sit back and enjoy the show. They welcome trouble, and then make other people’s lives hell. The good thing is, these trouble makers are easy to spot, so it won’t be too hard to avoid them.

Number 8 – Gossipers

Some people derive pleasure from other people’s misfortunes. They enjoy spreading around rumors and discussing people instead of focusing on their own issues. Everyone gets caught up in it sometimes… You see, if you listen to gossip, what tends to happen, is you end up either gossiping, or you might have negative feelings about the person who is being gossiped about. While it might be fun to find out about someone’s personal or professional fuck-ups, over time, it gets tiring. And remember, people around you who are eagerly talking about others, are probably going to talk about YOU as well, when you’re not around!

Number 9 – Victims

Victims are tough to identify because you initially empathize with their problems. But as time passes, you begin to realize that their “time of need” is all the time. Victims actively push away any personal responsibility by making every speed bump they encounter into an un-crossable mountain. These people are typically immature and lack the ability to face their own challenges or hardships. If you don’t get away from them as quickly as possible, odds are they’ll load all of their problems and responsibilities on you!

Number 10 – Manipulators

Using the façade of friendship, manipulators suck time and energy out of your life. Since they treat you like a friend, they can be tricky to deal with. They know what you like, what makes you happy, and what makes you laugh. The difference is, that they use this information as part of a hidden motive. They’ll do anything to win you over, just so they can control you. Manipulators always want something from you, and if you look back on your relationships with them, it’s all take, take, and take – with little or no giving. Of course, it can be challenging to completely avoid all of these types of people. Heck, I’m sure we’re all guilty of engaging in some of these negative behaviors ourselves, every now and then. Should you ever catch yourself acting like one of these people, stop yourself immediately and change your attitude. It’s also important to keep in mind that not everyone is going to like you or treat you with respect. So stop paying attention to people who don’t deserve it, and focus on those who care about you.