15 Things Guys Do That Girls Like

There are plenty of ways to make a girl feel comfortable in a relationship, but it’s really the small, simple gestures that are actually the most notable. Something as simple as a kiss on the forehead, or wearing that shirt that she bought, will go a long way. Here are 15 things guys do that girls like!

Number 1 – Hold Her Hand Unexpectedly

A girl likes when her guy casually reaches out and holds her hand. Or, while driving back from an amazing date, he takes one hand off the steering wheel just to feel her touch. It’s his way of saying “I want to be close to you”.

Number 2 – Offer His Jacket Or Sweatshirt

When a guy wraps his jacket around his girl’s shoulders, or offers his sweatshirt to keep her warm, it shows that he cares about her well-being and wants her to feel comfortable. And girls love wearing oversized sweatshirts that smell like their guy’s cologne!

Number 3 – Make A Playlist Of Music

Music is meaningful, and it’s thoughtful when a guy takes the time to create a mix of songs you both enjoy. It’s your own personal soundtrack that expresses your feelings through lyrics.

Number 4 – Send A Cute Text During The Day

When a guy sends a girl a cute text message during the day, it shows that he is thinking about her. Whether it’s about something that reminded him of her, or an inside joke, she’s on his mind and that’s all that matters.

Number 5 – Tell Stories From His Childhood

A girl likes hearing about a guy’s past. It makes her feel like he’s letting her into a world very few have access to. This makes her feel connected to him because it means he trusts her.

Number 6 – When He Is Patient

Let’s admit it, girls really do take a lot of time to get ready. Or even just deciding what to wear, or where to eat. It’s because when girls are deciding, they want to be sure of their decisions. They really appreciate when a guy understands and is willing to wait for them.

Number 7 – Hold Doors

It’s not that girls can’t open doors for themselves. And, it’s not like they don’t hold doors open for other people. After all, it’s really just common decency. But, when a guy holds a door open for a girl or lets her go first, it’s a sweet gesture that she definitely notices.

Number 8 – Make Her Laugh

This is probably the most attractive trait any guy can have! Laughing is one of the greatest pleasures in life because it’s genuine. Nothing’s better than when a guy throws away his inhibitions and embarrasses himself just to make a girl laugh. When a guy can act goofy and carefree to make a girl happy, he might as well stick his hand out so she can give him the key to her heart.

Number 9 – Remember Important Dates

Yeah, there are many, but when guys remember important dates, it shows that they pay attention, and girls really like this. Whether it’s her birthday, Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, remembering these dates lets a girl know that her guy really cares.

Number 10 – Give Compliments

We all like getting compliments. In fact, we need it sometimes. When a guy compliments a girl privately or even better; publicly, it makes her melt – of course, as long as it’s real and not overdone.

Number 11 – Hold Things For Her

With their purses, shopping bags or heavy backpacks, girls sometimes need a helping hand to carry everything. And they like when a guy offers to take some weight off their shoulders (literally).

Number 12 – Not Afraid To Be Emotional

Generally, girls don’t like a guy that’s too soft, but they do appreciate when he lets his guard down and shows his softer side every now and then. I’m not saying guys should break down and cry all the time, but it takes a real man to show his feelings.

Number 13 – Linger On Hugs And Goodbyes

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a long hug. Although goodbyes are never easy, a comforting hug and passionate parting is a guy’s way of showing that he’s committed and confident about the relationship. And girls love that body squeezing bear-hug!

Number 14- Cuddle In Bed

Most people like to have their space when they’re falling asleep, but if a guy holds a girl close, it means he really likes her. And cuddling in bed makes a girl happy. It’s both intimate and comforting.

Number 15 – Eat Her Cupcake

Trust me. ALL girls like this! You see, a guy doesn’t have to do much to make a girl fall for him. It’s the small, but sweet things that melt a girl’s heart. All it takes is a little class and charm.